The Importance of Math
Mathematics is an important part of our everyday lives - from problem solving to time management. Many of our daily activities are done without thought to the underlying mathematics involved.


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Sharon Fuerst Tutoring
          Education is not just preparation for life, but life itself ∙ John Dewey


My goal is to teach the skills necessary for a life-time of learning.
To guide and encourage students toward understanding concepts.
To build confidence and empower them along the way.
To strengthen weaknesses and grow into a well-rounded individual.
To use techniques and strategies tailored to each student's learning style.

Meet Sharon Fuerst

templatemo.comI am a Maine certified teacher with over 25 years of experience, specializing in math.

As a Math skills teacher, and tutor for over 10 years, I've developed positive relationships based on honesty and openness, keeping abreast of the latest technologies  and innovations, and accessing the most up-to-date resources both online and in print. 


                StudyingI offer a full range of support, including homework assistance, organizational and time management, test preparation and study skills, in all subjects and levels, focusing on middle and high school math.

Pre-Algebra  -  Algebra  I  -  Algebra II
Geometry  -  Trigonometry  -  Statistics
Study Skills - Test Preparation  -  Organizational Skills  -  Time Management

Testimonials"Thank you for the excellent work that Sharon Fuerst has done in not only tutoring but also mentoring."  Phil Stewart

"Sharon has great style and is easy to work with. She was able to explain the material in ways that are more understandable to me than any of my math teachers had done in the past."  Bridgette Ortiz

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Why Math is Important!

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